Master of Science - Data Analytics Engineering

Vancouver - Northeastern University [Sep22 - Sep24]

1. Use data mining tools and methods, big data algorithms and data visualization to generate reports for analysis and decision making.

2. Discover opportunities to improve systems, processes, and businesses through data analytics.

3. Apply optimization, statistical and machine learning methods to solve complex problems involving big data from multiple sources.

4. Create integrated views of data collected from multiple sources across an enterprise.

5. Work with technology teams to design and build large and complex SQL databases.

6. Understand and explain the results of data analysis to decision makers.

Double degree - Financial and Actuarial Economics & Business Administration & Business Management

Madrid - URJC [Sep18 - Jun23]

1. Ability of mathematical analysis, algebra, probability and statistics, to use quantitative tools in business decision making.

2. Ability to analyze, synthesize, evaluate and make decisions based on accounting records.

3. Ability to determine the main economic indicators, as well as their impact on business decisions.

4. Ability to prepare advisory reports and business projects (global or by functional areas).

Advanced International Course - Digital Marketing

Madrid - CICC of Canada [Sep21- Sep22]

1. Ability to obtain relevant information and process data. 2.

2. Ability to contribute to the company’s strategic planning and support innovation.

3. Ability to engage and build customer loyalty through a digital strategy.

4. Ability to optimize work time and productivity.

5. Multi-level writing skills.

Data analytics COURSES
  • Phyton for finance | 365 Careers School
  • Predictive Machine Learning | DataScience4Business
  • Data science with +R | Udemy
  • AWS Certified | Amazon Web Services
  • Data Analysis Techniques and Big Data | URJC University
  • Advanced Excel | Remica Company
  • Google Analytics | Google
  • Finance | Yale University
  • Fundamental Analysis & Value Investing | True Value School
  • Financial Analyst | Haroun University
  • Formulation and evaluation of complex projects| Andes University
  • Financial information and analysis | Monterrey University
Business COURSES
  • Business decisions | URJC University
  • Management and decision making | URJC University
  • Social Innovation | Cape Town University
Marketing COURSES
  • Tag Manager & Digital Marketing & E-commerce & Google Ads | Google
  • SEO & E-Mail Marketing & Content Marketing & Social Marketing | Hubspot
  • WordPress (Advanced) & Shopify (Advanced) & Web development | WEB Technologies Certifications
WEB Technologies COURSES
  • WordPress (Advanced) | WordPress
  • Shopify (Advanced) | Shopify
  • Web development | CICCC

Analytical Skills


Data Cleaning and
Preprocessing | Descriptive Analytics | Data Mining | Data Visualization | Predictive Modeling | Web Analytics | Prescriptive Analytics 

Python & R+
SQL Language
Google Platforms
QuickBooks & Sage
Google Analytics

Marketing Skills


Marketing analysis | Customer-oriented thinking | Campaigns forecast | Process optimization

Google Platforms

personal Skills

Critical Thinking
Time management

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