Data Analyst

Vancouver - PACIFIC FIRST AID [May23 - Aug24]

1. Formulation and execution of innovative marketing initiatives encompassing email campaigns, e-commerce strategies, content optimization, SEO, PPC, and more, aimed at fostering and strengthening customer loyalty based on data-driven insights.

2. Utilization of data analytics to identify and implement operational enhancements for the e-commerce platform, focusing on metrics-driven optimizations and cost-efficiency measures

3. Integration of advanced data analytics tools to monitor and assess user behavior on the online platforms, facilitating the identification of key trends and opportunities for continuous improvement.

4. Collaboration with cross-functional teams to analyze internal data, leading to the identification and implementation of new tools and technologies that align with customer behavior insights, enhancing overall business efficiency.

Achievement: Realizing a 20% Monthly Revenue Surge on the Ecommerce Platform and a 30% Boost on Amazon, Fueled by DataDriven Digital Solutions. .

Teaching Assistant (Foundations of Data Analytics)

Vancouver - Northeastern University [Jan24 -May24]

1. Support the professor in facilitating an effective learning environment.

2. Collaborate in the planning and execution of classes, designing activities and laboratory sessions.

3. Respond to questions during classes and provide feedback in the assessment of assignments and projects.

4. Create a collaborative environment, offering additional guidance and contributing to a solid understanding of key concepts, ensuring the academic success of students in the subject.


E-Commerce & Marketing Coordinator

Vancouver - PACIFIC FIRST AID [Mar22 - May23]

1. Creation of new marketing strategies (Email, E-Commerce, Content, SEO, PPC, etc.) to build customer loyalty.

2. Establishment of a multi-channel company, creating links across multiple platforms (Google Search Console, Google Merchant, Google Business, Social Networks, Mailchimp, etc.).

3. Responsible for the online web platform, as well as inventory and all its functions (Woocommerce & Shopify).

Achievement: Leading the creation of two innovative digital platforms,
crafting comprehensive strategies for business success.

Operations Analyst Intern

Madrid - REMICA [Jan21 - Ago21]

1. Report on revenues, costs, profitability and profit margins.

2. Review of the company’s internal accounts.

3. Preparation and self-supervision of liquidation reports.

3. Elaboration of weekly follow-ups for subsequent evolutionary study.

Achievement: Increase of the normalized monthly profit of 6% during the months of January to June 2021.


Online (New York) - MINDFUL MARKET [Oct21 - Mar22]

1. Generation of the entire content creation cycle.

2. Brainstorming to improve customer satisfaction.

3. Process optimization.

Achievement: Generation of new data metrics to improve internal metrics and cost control.

OTHER Job positions

COOK ∙ Vancouver – CACTUS CLUB CAFE [Oct.21 – Mar.22]





Online - STAR BARGAINS BS [Feb20 - Dec.20]

1. Management of the retailer’s web site.

2. Creation of customer acquisition strategies and content to advertise products and services through social networks.

3. Analysis of profitability reports and feasibility of obtaining margins.

4. Internal management of the E-Commerce page through the “Shopify” platform.

Achievement: Sales generation.


Online - ACTUALIDIARIO [Mar18 - Present]

1. Elaboration of investment thesis and financial analysis through a “Value” philosophy.

2. Sectorial economic studies.

3. Macroeconomic studies.

4. Detailed analysis of the current economic situation.

5. Reports on relevant economic history.

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