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Data Analyst | Digital Strategist

I am David, a data freelancer with experience in data analysis and business digitalization. I work with companies in both Canada and Spain, which has given me a broad and valuable perspective on different business environments. The combination of my passion for finance and marketing, along with my international experience, has been key in the development and evolution of my professional career. I am open to new partnerships to enhance projects.

A Quick Glance at My Career Path

As a Data Analyst, I have successfully leveraged data analytics to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs on e-commerce platforms. I have integrated advanced data analytics tools to continuously monitor and enhance user behavior on online platforms. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, I identify and implement new tools and technologies aligned with customer behavior insights.

In my role as a Digital Marketing Coordinator and E-Commerce Specialist, I created innovative marketing strategies, established a multichannel presence, and managed online platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify. My efforts led to a 20% increase in monthly revenue on the e-commerce platform and a 30% boost in Amazon sales through data-driven solutions.

I am open to forging new partnerships with companies to help them enhance their operations and achieve their business goals through data analytics and digital transformation.

Data Analytics:

  • Operational Efficiency: Leveraged data analytics to streamline processes and reduce costs on e-commerce platforms.
  • User Behavior Insights: Integrated advanced data analytics tools to continuously monitor and enhance user behavior, leading to improved customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Worked with teams across various departments to identify and implement innovative tools and technologies, ensuring alignment with customer insights and business objectives.


Digital Marketing and E-Commerce:

  • Strategic Marketing Initiatives: Developed and executed comprehensive marketing strategies, including email campaigns, SEO, content marketing, and PPC, to build customer loyalty and drive sales.
  • Multichannel Presence: Established a robust multichannel presence by integrating platforms such as Google Search Console, Google Merchant, Google Business, social media, and Mailchimp.
  • Platform Management: Managed online platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify, overseeing all aspects of inventory management and digital functionalities.
  • Significant Achievements: Achieved a 20% increase in monthly revenue on the e-commerce platform and a 30% boost in Amazon sales through data-driven digital solutions.


Project Leadership:

  • Brand Development: Created two specialized sub-brands and led a successful website migration, enhancing the digital functionalities of the e-commerce platform.
  • Inventory Optimization: Developed and implemented strategies to keep inventory updated across multiple platforms, improving efficiency and reducing overhead costs.
  • Predictive Analytics: Utilized skills acquired in the Data Science Engineering program to analyze e-commerce and marketing data, identifying purchase patterns, segmenting customer groups, and developing predictive models for product demand. This led to new marketing strategies and optimized inventory management, significantly increasing sales.


Open for Collaboration

I am eager to forge new partnerships with companies seeking to enhance their operations through advanced data analytics and digital transformation. My extensive experience in both fields positions me as a valuable asset for businesses looking to innovate and achieve their strategic goals.

My great passions

Data analysis

Search for patterns by optimizing processes in businesses.

financial area

Passion for this branch, trying to achieve all kinds of business challenges.

Marketing Area

Area of greatest value due to the importance of consumer thinking.




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